Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Writer's Block

I've been wanting to do one of "these things" for awhile now. I am such the procrastinator. I have hundreds of pages waiting to be written. I need motivation, then I take a look at my two beautiful daughters and find it, the motivation I need. One look and my writer's block is lifted. I could write endless words of love and wisdom that I have for them. I want them to one day know, I am not just their "mommy", I am so much more than that. That is where I find my motivation, wanting to document their journey through life and mine as a mother, a wife, a photographer in the making, a teacher, and oh so many other things. Years from now I want them to be able to look back and read these words that I am pouring out over these "pages". See the trials and tribulations that make up life. Learn from my mistakes, smile at the fun times, cry with me, laugh at life, and have fun. I also wouldn't mind finding others going through this journey called motherhood, others who can offer advice along the way, that is why I am putting this journey down through a blog and not just a diary. I look forward to blogging, I might not be able to post every day, and some days I might have a few post, who knows, my journey begins now.

Here are the ones that inspire me, my joy, my love, my life:

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