Thursday, April 8, 2010

Easter Weekend

Easter, what a wonderful time of the year, I can't believe that it has already past. This past weekend was packed with so many memories. Along with it being Easter, we had Kate baptized. I had been looking forward to Easter/Baptism for a long time, and now it has come and gone. I have been going through the seemingly endless photos that were taken smiling at the perfect looks that were captured for all times. Bailey actively participated in her first Easter Egg Hunt (4 of them). Sure last year she "hunted" eggs, but this year she actually got it, she knew that those eggs contained something wonderful. I Watched her look around for the loot and shake each plastic egg containing sweet treasures that she would (maybe) enjoy later, as long as Momma didn't get to it first. Oh the joys of being a tike. So innocent, yet full of mischief at the same time. Bailey would run to me after the hunt and ask for a piece of candy, I would tell her "just one", and watch her sneak at least two. But what can you do, it is a special occasion right? After the exhausting egg hunts of the weekend I got to enjoy time spent with all my friends and family members that I rarely see. Spending an hour with my grandpa was bittersweet. I know his time is limited on this earth, he is thankful for that, but others are obviously sadden by it. Although I was glad I got to see him, I wonder if it will be the last time. He is very weak, which most are at almost 90. Hopefully he will stick around a little longer, but this is my selfish thinking, I know he is anxiously looking forward to being reunited with Grandma. Only time will tell.

Sunday was Kate's Baptism. We decided that early service would be good, so that we we could drive back to Kevin's parent's house to celebrate Easter with them. I guess it was wishful thinking that everyone's alarm would wake them up for the drive to church, unfortunately Kevin did not get to witness the actual baptism, he was on call and had to be at work till 2am. His alarm was set to wake him at 4:30 to make the two hour trip to the church, that didn't happen. It was still a joyous occasion and the girls did surprisingly well being that it started at 7am and itnwas almost 2 hours long...did I mention we had to sit in the front pew, eek. All went well, Kate was baptized in the gown that my aunt made from my wedding dress, and it is the same one Bailey was baptized in at 6wks old. It was wonderful.
After breakfast with my family we made the two hour trek to Kevin's parent's house. Bailey played with her older cousins and held her younger ones. We had the last Easter egg hunt there. It was nice to get to sit and talk to the adults while Kate got passed around from family member to family member. Needless to say the kids were exhausted by the time we made it back to our house at almost 8pm, remember we were at church at 7am. All in all it was a wonderful, sometimes stressfull weekend. I am posting some pictures to remember it by.

Here is Bailey with some of her cousins at Kate's Baptism. I love the look on Bailey's face.

Here is my sweet Kate at her grandma and grandpa's house, she is teething, don't mind the drool.

Here is Bailey looking for the loot, notice the tongue, it is her way of concentrating.

Here is Bailey and Kate with Ava, she is my best friend's child. I have known laura almost 25 years. Time flies when you're having fun.

Here is my niece and nephew and Bailey and Kate after the baptism.

Tired of all the picture taking, ready to go home and sleep.

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