Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Middle of the Road

Nap time, a time I look forward to. A time I can reflect on life, I should be doing the dishes or laundry, but that can wait, for now. Now I am going to spill my thoughts on this page. My life, is it what I thought it would be? Is any ones? I dreamt of stardom, modeling, money, in reality I live in middle of the road plainness, have normal stresses of life, lots of bills, along with lots of worry, but I also have lots of love. Would I trade any of it for stardom and money, ask me on a bad day, a day of screaming kids, fights and tears, I might just say yes (jokenly). Most days are good days, yeah, who doesn't dream of the high life, but I wouldn't trade it in for what I have. My family, my life, it is mine, and I love it, even with the heartaches, the fights, the boo boos. Those slobbery baby kisses, those "I love you more" hugs, they are what makes a good life. It comes with ups and downs, I love to reminisce of the ups and learn from the downs.

Just now Bailey comes running into the playroom while I sat her typing, she asked me "momma, you gunna pway?" She wants me to come back to her room and say a nap time prayer, so sweet, so innocent. I can count on her to be back in her in a few minutes telling me "I gotta go poop" meaning she wet her diaper, this will probably go on until 2:45, when she finally gives up the sleepiness battle and lets nap time take over. Even though I get a nap time "break", it is never uninterrupted, and that is ok. I wouldn't give it up for anything. Even though I live in middle of the road plainness, I wouldn't trade it for anything.

I am excited that I have an outlet for my thoughts, no matter how random they might be. Hopefully, nap time and after the girls go to bed for the night are times I will use to reflect on life, share an anecdote for the day, or document my journey, regardless, this will be my stress relief.

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